These Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings made and services offered through the website and all other websites owned by Paul Morgan T/A Coast Luxury Cars& Luxury Cars Wellington, and to bookings made by telephone, fax, email or any other communication mechanism.

Carriage of Goods

 Luxury Cars Wellington products and services are sold subject to the Carriage of Goods Act 1979 and:

    a. The terms and conditions set out on the Luxury Cars Wellington website here in; and

    b. Any special conditions specific to that fare type.

Conditions of Carriage

You acknowledge that Luxury Cars Wellington from time to time, engages contractors to perform services on its behalf, and that services which you book using the website may be provided by those contractors or franchisees. These terms and conditions will continue to apply in full where Luxury Cars Wellington engages a contractor to provide services on its behalf.

Luxury Cars Wellington or any of its contractors (which includes any franchisee) or agents may refuse carriage if you are unable to provide valid travel documents or if you have acquired any services in violation of the carrier's Website Usage Policy, Conditions of Carriage or Terms and Conditions, or if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or it is necessary for the safety or comfort of other passengers or for the protection of property.

If you are travelling using prepaid chits or vouchers issued by approved travel agents. The driver will check the validity of the voucher at the time of travel in order to verify pre-payment validity or authorisation to charge against a Luxury Cars Wellington account. If such validity is not established you will be required to pay the driver at point of sale via cash or credit card methods. Luxury Cars Wellington accept Taxi Charge, VISA, Master Card, American Express and Diners Card. If baggage carried in the dedicated luggage trailer is damaged, lost or destroyed during carriage you must notify Luxury Cars Wellington in writing within 5 working days from when you travelled.

Luxury Cars Wellington undertakes to use its best efforts to carry you and your baggage within a reasonable timeframe in accordance with the itinerary it issues you but does not guarantee to do so. Luxury Cars Wellington may without notice substitute an alternative carrier or vehicle where it deems necessary.

Smoking or the consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted on any of Luxury Cars Wellington’s vehicles or that of its contractors or agents.

No agent, contractor, servant or representative of Luxury Cars Wellington has authority to alter, modify or waive any provision of these notices and conditions or Luxury Cars Wellington’s Conditions of Carriage.

Product Types and Associated Special Conditions

Coast Luxury Cars offer the following products, services and special conditions to its clients.

Exclusive Hire Services

This is a Private Hire service where an individual or group can book a vehicle exclusively for their Airport transfers, corporate event or private function. Similar to a Taxi ride customers are not required to share the vehicle with parties unknown to each other, but fare prices are set from a fixed price schedule, or at a one of fixed price, depending on the size of the party.

Vehicle Charter Services

This service is an on demand, fixed price, door-to-door service where a booked group hires the entire vehicle and trailer(where required) for its exclusive use for the purposes of transfers, site visits, sightseeing, touring or other transport service.

Touring and Sightseeing Services

This is a non-transfer, exclusive service where you charter the vehicle for the purposes of touring and sightseeing. The breadth and scope of travel is as agreed between you and Coast Luxury Cars or your driver.

Meet and Greet Services

This is a service whereby your driver, contractor or staff member of Luxury Cars Wellington position themselves at an appropriate prominent point at an airport, or other nominated public transport terminal and display your party name on a signboard in order to facilitate you connecting with your nominated transport service. Notwithstanding the best efforts of Luxury Cars Wellington staff or contractors make to locate you and given the high passenger traffic volume in such terminals, Luxury Cars Wellington makes no guarantee as to the efficacy of locating you during such Meet and Greet Services. If you do not make contact with your driver within 15 minutes of your pickup time you are required to contact us on our locator cell phone (+64 274 793550) in order to facilitate the rendezvous with your driver.

Other Services

Including wake-up calls, child car seat storage and other contracted services as agreed between Luxury Cars Wellington and you. The booking of such services by you is entirely at your own risk and Luxury Cars Wellington shall not be held liable for any consequent damages or costs, injury or damage to persons or property in the event that the service is not delivered by Luxury Cars Wellington.

Customer Telephone No & Service Contact

You must provide Luxury Cars Wellington with a telephone contact number for the purposes of our staff facilitating your service leading up to and including the time of transfer. For all bookings that originate at a non-airport pickup point, you (or a member of your party) must be contactable in the 2-hour period immediately prior to your booked pickup time on the same telephone number that you have listed with your booking. If are not contactable on your designated phone number, Luxury Cars Wellington will not be liable for any costs, damages or losses that you may incur as a result of not meeting your scheduled travel time.


Fares apply only for carriage from the designated pickup point to the designated drop-off point, unless otherwise expressly stated. Fares do not include meals, entry fees or any other additional service costs unless otherwise expressly stated by Luxury Cars Wellington.

Subject to the taxes and charges stated herein, applicable fares are those in effect on the date of booking placement. Should you change your itinerary, traveltimes or date of travel, this may result in a change to the fare.

You are responsible for applicable taxes or charges imposed by government, other authority or by the airport that are in effect on the date of travel.

Fares and charges are payable in New Zealand Dollars or currencies acceptable to Luxury Cars Wellington and at exchange rates determined by us at the time of booking placement.

Airport pickups may incur an extra charge for parking, depending on charges imposed by the airport authority concerned. This charge will be included in the fare quoted at the time of booking.

Unaccompanied Minors

Luxury Cars Wellington will not accept bookings for unaccompanied children less than 13 years of age. Any such children must be accompanied by an individual 18 years of age or more.


Guide Dogs

Guide dogs must be accepted for carriage at all times. Please notify the presence of your guide dog at the time you make your reservation.

Domestic Pets

All other small and small-medium sized domestic pets are welcome on our vehicles as long as the transfer is booked as exclusive hire or charter. Cage may be required. Please advise the reservation agent of the presence of your pet at the time you make your reservation.

Our Cancellation, No Show and Refund Policy

If your group size is less than 11 passengers and you have made a booking for a passenger service, you will be charged for 100% of the total service cost if you fail to show at your pickup point except in the following circumstances:

1) Your pickup is off a flight at an airport and your flight arrival time has been changed (in which case Luxury Cars Wellington will make its best efforts to meet your amended flight arrival time), or

2) You cancel your transfer with Coast Luxury Cars by telephone to (+64 4 9055356) at least 24 Hours prior to travel for “Exclusive Hire”“Point to Point”, or “Airport Transfer” services, or 

3) You cancel your booking with Coast Luxury Cars by telephone to (+64 4 9055356) at least 48 Hours prior to travel for “Sightseeing” or “Charter” services for up to 11 passengers

If you have made a “Exclusive Hire”“Point to Point”“Airport Transfer”, or “Charter” booking (excluding all “Sightseeing”) for less than 11 passengers and you cancel within 24 Hours of your transfer the following cancellation fee applies:

Within 24 hours of the scheduled uplift time, 15% of the total transfer cost.

Within 12 hours of the scheduled uplift time, 20% of the total transfer cost.

Within 1 hour of the scheduled uplift time, 50% of the total transfer cost

If you have made a “Charter” booking for more than 11 passengers, or a booking for “Sightseeing” and or “Touring” or “Charter” booking and you cancel within 48 Hours the following cancellation fee applies:

Within 48 hours of the scheduled uplift time, 15% of the total charter cost.

Within 24 hours of the scheduled uplift time, 20% of the total charter cost.

Within 4 hours of the scheduled uplift time, 50% of the total charter cost.

Within 1 Hour of scheduled uplift time, 100% of the charter cost


When you travel with Luxury Cars Wellington the following luggage allowances and restrictions apply.

Exclusive Hire/ Airport TransferLuggage Allowance

2 pieces of luggage per person in your group, not weighing more than 25 kg each – no charge. Normal carry-on bags, duty free items – no charge.

Extra luggage - $5.00 per item including GST. These charges may change without notice.

Oversized luggage items such as bikes, surfboards, skis, snowboards, large boxes or non-suitcase type items - $5.00 per itemincluding of GST.

Charter Services Luggage Allowance Luggage items and passengers of a combined weight in excess of 1000 kilograms must be notified to Luxury Cars Wellington at the time of booking for all charter services.

The liability of Luxury Cars Wellington for the loss or damage to checked baggage, is limited to NZ$1,000 for each unit of baggage lost or damaged.

Unacceptable Items

The following items should not be included in your baggage and Luxury Cars Wellington accepts no liability for their damage or loss unless the items are identified at time of transfer and has been accepted in writing by Luxury Cars Wellington for carriage:

Cash, negotiable bonds, deeds or other valuable documents.

Jewellery, antiques or similar valuable items.

Any item of a fragile or brittle nature e.g. glassware.

Electrical or electronic components e.g. computers.

Any item that has insufficient packaging to withstand the normal circumstances and effects ofcarriage by road transport.

Dangerous Goods Prohibited

For safety reasons, articles such as the following must not be carried in your baggage unless they have been advised in writing to Luxury Cars Wellington and it has in writing accepted them for carriage:

Loaded firearms.

Corrosive materials (such as alkalis, acids, wet cell batteries, mercury).

Explosives (fireworks and articles that are easily ignited).

Flammable liquids and solids (such as matches, lighters and heater fuels, flammable aerosols).

Poisonous, toxic, infectious substances.

Radioactive materials.

Compressed Gases (Deeply Refrigerated, Flammable, Non-flammable and Poisonous).

Other dangerous goods (such as offensive or noxious materials).